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Blymer Bell

BellThe Blymer Bell resided at several different places before it came to its present resting place. The bell was originally selected and commissioned by a group of Sunday school children at the First United Methodist Church in Lake Charles, La., as part of a new church construction project in 1899. For months, the children brought in their pennies and nickles until the required sum for the purchase of the bell was raised. The bell was then shipped to Lake Charles and hung in the belfry of the new church on July 19, 1900. When a severe hurricane struck the church in 1918, the belfry was blown down. Rather than install the bell in a new church, the congregation decided to donate it to Millsaps College upon the suggestion of Bishop C.B. Galloway, the presiding Bishop of the Louisiana and Mississippi Conferences and also a member of the Millsaps Board of Trustees.

At Millsaps, the Blymer Bell hung in Buie Gym to ring out athletic victories until the gym burned in 1933. From 1933 to 1946, it remained beside Murrah Hall in a wooden scaffold up to the time two Mississippi College raiders felled the support. Over the years, the bell signaled chapel services, the hours of classes and meals, special athletic events, and even the ending of World Wars with its rich B-flat ring. At last, on May 13, 1946, the bell was placed in its present position of honor beside the library.