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Peace Studies


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Peace Studies examines the sources of war and armed conflict and suggests methods of preventing and resolving them through processes of peacemaking, peacebuilding, and nonviolent resistance. The program combines perspectives from international relations, ethics, and conflict resolution to reflect critically upon the wide range of social, political, and economic issues associated with peace and political violence. Peace Studies majors/minors will take a wide-range of classes in Religious Studies, History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Anthropology.



Requirements for a minor: Students may complete a minor in Peace Studies with five courses (20 credit hours). Three courses must have a central focus on understanding interpersonal, interreligious, interethnic, or international causes of peace and conflict. These courses are listed below. The two additional courses may also come from this list or may be "peace friendly" courses, which will be listed on Major Access and will vary from year to year. Peace friendly courses must have at least a 25% focus on issues of peace and conflict and the student must write a major paper on these issues.

**Students may also be approved to self-design their own Peace Studies major.

Choose three courses from the list below:

  • RLST 2140: Religion, Peace, and Justice
  • RLST 2350: Contemplative Practices
  • PHIL 2750: Philosophy of Violence 
  • SOAN 2850: Anthropology of War
  • EDUC 3270: Educating for Leadership and Promoting Peace
  • PLSC 3410-3412: International Organizations/ Model United Nations null
  • HIST 3500: The Twice Promised Land: Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • PLSC 4400: Peace, Conflict Resolution, and International Security

Two more courses from the above list or from a variety of approved "Peace friendly" courses (PDF) complete the minor.

Contact Dr. Lola Williamson, the Director of Peace Studies, for more information.

Self-designed Peace Studies Major Laney Lenox speaking of her time in Nepal on Gandhi Day 2012

Peace Studies Minors Chelsey Overstreet and Laura Cost at Sherabling Monastery, Bir, Himachel Pradesh, India in 2011