Communication studies majors are challenged to ask big questions: Who am I? Who are we as human beings? How do we relate to one another? In communication studies, you will acquire the theoretical and analytical skills needed to understand the plethora of media products encountered in everyday life. Yet, as you journey through media history, philosophy, theory, and ethics, you will also gain speaking, writing, producing, and listening skills. In a media-driven and media-saturated world, employers are looking for skilled communicators, and graduates of our communication studies major will have numerous career options. Public relations, journalism, advertising, publishing, corporate communications, international business, education, event planning, and speech writing are some of the professions where students who have majored in communication studies are found.

  • Henry Adam Svec—Millsaps College

    Henry Adam Svec

    Assistant Professor of Communications Studies

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    BA, Mount Allison University; MA, Western University; PhD, Western University

    "I earned a doctorate in media studies from the University of Western Ontario in 2013, and I’m in my first year of teaching at Millsaps. My research interests include popular music, media theory and history, digital games, and celebrity culture, but the concept of authenticity has been a guiding concern. What does it mean to be or to become what one ‘really’ is? More importantly, what kind of work has been done by answers to this question across the diverse fields of media culture and everyday life?

    "My scholarship has fed back into my activities as a creative worker. I’ve produced radio documentaries, written journalism and fiction, and presented my interdisciplinary music projects across Canada (see, for instance, My interest in practice is something I try to bring into the classroom—and is just one of the reasons I'm thrilled to be at Millsaps. "