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Major Millsaps' Tomb

Major Millsaps' TombNear the center of the campus is the tomb of College founder Major R.W. Millsaps. His wife, Mary, is buried in the tomb as well. Constructed at the request of the Major himself in 1914, the mausoleum was finished not long before the Major died in 1916. The tomb has a stained glass window, chosen by the Major, which features a setting sun.

On July 7, 1916, the College Board of Trustees passed the following resolution concerning the tomb: "We shall count it a sacred and priceless privilege to have . . . our generous benefactor and his beloved wife to repose on the beautiful campus of our college which was so dear to the heart of our glorified co-worker and into which he put so much of the best energies of his life, thus consecrating it and giving us the opportunity to care for the tomb in which they shall sleep."