Creative writing majors at Millsaps College pursue excellence in imaginative expression through written language in all its forms. Drawing inspiration from Mississippi’s rich literary tradition, they hone their style by studying diverse cultural inheritances and historical contexts. The creative writing major’s emphasis on close reading and careful writing can serve as a platform for any number of professions: journalism, marketing and communications, publishing, and law, to name a few. Majors will also be well prepared for graduate study in creative writing.

  • Michael Pickard

    Michael Pickard

    Assistant Professor of English

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    BA Millsaps College; MA Boston University; PhD University of Virginia

    "I graduated from Millsaps in 2004 and I’m excited to be back at the College as Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing. In my English classes, I teach students how to interpret literary texts and understand why this activity matters. In my Creative Writing classes, I help students cultivate a fuller awareness of the writing process, find their voices, and make informed choices about their work.

    "One of my own teachers said something to me once that I have never yet forgotten. You can’t love what you don’t know, he said: knowledge conduces to love, and love conduces to wonder. I aspire to teach students to know literary texts so that they can love them, so that in loving them they can feel a greater sense of wonder at the world we share."