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Theatre Artistic Merit Scholarship

Scholars: Striving for Excellence in Theatre!


The Theatre Artistic Merit Scholarship recognizes academic excellence and rewards socially minded artists. At Millsaps, theatre is seen as a universal teaching and learning experience, rather than an isolated academic discipline. To qualify for our $20,000 award, students must major in theatre. However, to support the interdisciplinary needs of theatre, students can focus on acting, arts management, dramaturgy, drama therapy, entertainment law, ethics and theatre, playwriting, stage management, scenic design, technical theatre, theatre education, theatre and religion, or theatre history. The Theatre Department's unique curriculum and partnership with faculty across divisions creates a multifaceted educational experience for motivated students. The interdisciplinary nature of theatre demands an organic approach to liberal arts education and self-designed majors supplement departmental requirements to create unique specializations.

Requirements for the Theatre Artistic Merit Scholarship:

  • Minimum ACT score of 26
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • A successful audition and/or portfolio review, interview, and writing sample
  • Two letters of recommendation 

At Millsaps College we foster an academic theater program that integrates the breadth of general studies with theatre studies. Our focus is to train ensemble-based theatre artists in a liberal arts framework. We celebrate the importance of each individual and create an environment that embraces inclusion, adventure, risk, and respect for how integral each function is to the whole production process and performance event. Recipients of the Theatre Artistic Merit Scholarship are expected to serve as role models and take on positions of leadership and responsibility within the department.

Each year you will be invited to complete a Scholarship Renewal Form and meet with faculty to discuss your fulfillment of scholarship requirements. The faculty will review your application and notify you of renewal (or withdrawal) of scholarship funds within one month of the posting of all final grades via email. 

To remain in good standing the Theatre Artistic Merit Scholarship recipient must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Major in theatre and significantly contribute to the Theatre Department
  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in Theatre courses. If the GPA falls below this average the scholarship will not be renewed.
  • Attend all meetings called by the Department of Theatre or present an acceptable excuse (such as a class conflict) prior to the meeting.
  • Demonstrate a positive collegial attitude at all times.

Definition of Significant Participation

All scholarship students must work on a crew, or perform in a faculty directed production each semester. Working from an ensemble-based theatre model, we believe students benefit from crew assignments that provide alternating theatrical experiences. Whenever possible, students will be given their preference of job assignment, but to provide a variety of experiences over the course of four years, responsibilities will be rotated. Additionally, assignments will be based not only on student interest but also on scholarship amount and the needs of the department. All students receiving $20,000 will serve as a stage manager or assistant stage manager at least once during their four years at Millsaps College.

Millsaps College provides numerous opportunities for students to develop their specific talents and explore new disciplines. As a Theatre Scholar we encourage you to consider how to prioritize your time wisely to fully experience college life. We must also remind you that your scholarship award carries a responsibility to serve as a positive role model for all students involved in Theatre. If at any time you find that your focus in theatre shifts, we fully support your choice to pursue another major. At that time, however, your Theatre scholarship funds will be awarded to a student with continued interest in pursuing theatre as a major.


For further assistance please contact Dr. Shane Grant.