Make a gift to the Annual Fund by June 30th and help reach the goal of $1 million in alumni gifts!e

$1 Million for Millsaps

The Countdown is on and we’re counting on you to help reach the $1million goal in alumni gifts by June 30th.

Here’s what $1 million for Millsaps can do:

  • The majority of Millsaps students receives some form of financial aid. $1 million is equivalent to 400 scholarships at the $2,500 level.
  • Every Millsaps student can name at least one professor who has advised, encouraged, inspired, mentored, helped find a job – or all of the above. Millsaps faculty are the most dedicated professionals on the planet. Your gift honors them and supports their work with students.
  • Remember all of the campus activities? Learning, growing, and having fun through SBA, PAC, clubs, Greeks, and intramurals? Today there are 48 recognized student organizations and 21 honor societies on campus. Your gift enriches student life activities and helps complete the Millsaps experience.
  • From typewriters to laptops, film to streaming, onsite to online classrooms – technology and equipment required for teaching and learning has changed drastically and continues to change at lightning speed. Your gift helps Millsaps keep up with the times and keep the Millsaps brand of outstanding education competitive.

And these are just a few of the ways your gift, regardless of size, matters.

The point is that a collective gift of $1 million to Millsaps means collective success for you, as an alum, for current students, faculty, coaches, and staff. On June 30th, we all want to be able to say, “We did it!” We gave $1 million to Millsaps. We are part of this great institution and all of the good it does in Mississippi, throughout the state, and around the world.

We can do this! 

Give today and make your gift count toward $1 Million for Millsaps.

Please call 601.974.1036 if you have any questions.