Wellspring Living-Learning Community


Wellspring Living and Learning Community (administered by 1 Campus 1 Community) is a unique opportunity for first-year students who are interested in volunteering off-campus and want to make it an important part of their life during college. Students selected for the Wellspring program:

  • live among other first-year students interested in community engagement
  • develop meaningful and lasting relationships with community partners through weekly volunteer experiences
  • gain academic credit as they reflect on the questions and insights that arise when they authentically engage the world around them
  • participate in fun activities as a community


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I volunteer?

As a part of 1 Campus 1 Community, Wellspring volunteer sites are centered in the Midtown, a neighborhood adjacent to Millsaps’ campus, at community partners whose focus is on K–12 education and anti-poverty measures.

Some of our long-term community partners include: Brown ElementaryMidtown Partners, the Good Samaritan Center, and Grace Place! Based on your interests, you can work with tutoring children, assisting in community gardens, clothing or food closets—and so much more!

I don’t have a car. Can I still be in Wellspring?

Absolutely! Most of our volunteer sites are a short walk from campus. 

How much of a time commitment is Wellspring?

Not a big one! You commit to two hours at your site every week for a total of 25 hours for the semester. Then, every other week, we gather for a one-hour civic reflection class. In weeks when we don’t meet as a group, you write a brief journal reflection instead. All of this counts as a one-hour academic credit per semester!

Can I do Wellspring if I am an athlete or involved in other extracurricular activities?

Yes! In fact, the majority of our Wellspringers are involved elsewhere: be it athletics, Singers, Greek life, etc! It’s only a three-hour-a-week commitment (see question above), and your volunteer hours can be scheduled around class and practice.