Campus Safety

Campus Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The mission of the Millsaps College Department of Campus Safety is to protect and serve the Millsaps campus and community — students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors.

The department employs a staff of trained, full-time and part-time officers to keep the Millsaps campus safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We staff three shifts daily, as well as a 24/7 dispatch center that can be accessed by calling 601-974-1234, or by calling extension 1-2-3-4 from on-campus phones. The department’s main office, open between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, is located in New South Hall.

We pledge that we will protect and serve in a professional, courteous manner so that your time here on campus — whether for one day as a visitor, for four years as a student, or for a career as faculty or staff member — is pleasurable and safe.

Annual Campus Safety Report 2023


(or dial 1-2-3-4 from a campus extension)

Put it in your mobile phone.
Put it on speed dial.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about Millsaps Campus Safety, please call us at 601-974-1180 (Main Office – New South Hall)

Bart Evans, Director of Campus Safety, [email protected]
Clyde Johnson, Command Staff Lieutenant, [email protected]

Safety on Campus

Millsaps College believes that a multifaceted approach to safety is best. In addition to educating students, faculty and staff about safety, and asking them to play active roles in their day-to-day safety, the Department of Campus Safety also provides special services and physical and technological tools, such as:

  • Fully enclosed perimeter security fencing
  • 24/7 staffed Dispatch Center
  • Live, monitored and recorded surveillance video
  • Emergency warning system
  • Safety Escort Program

Preventing Crime on Campus

Our hope is that everyone in the Millsaps College campus community will see crime prevention as their responsibility. Crime prevention can occur when anyone takes even the smallest steps to remove or reduce the risk of a criminal act.

Below are some tips that can reduce the risk of being victimized:

  • Lock your door whenever you leave your room for any length of time.
  • Always lock your vehicle doors, and never leave valuables in plain sight.
  • Never prop open a residence hall door.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended on campus. Keep laptops, backpacks, purses, phones, etc. with you or in your view.
  • Do not loan your room key or Millsaps ID to anyone.
  • Do not put your name or address on your room key.
  • Take all valuables with you when you leave school for extended periods, such as breaks.
  • Itemize your possessions on file, recording the description and serial number. Keep a copy of the file in a safe place.
  • Never let unauthorized persons into your room, residence hall or secure areas.
  • Report any suspicious activity or suspicious persons on campus to Campus Safety immediately at 601-974-1234.
  • Avoid working or studying alone in a campus building. If working late, Campus Safety officers can provide safety escorts to/from residence halls to other buildings, from vehicles to buildings, etc. Call 601-974-1234 to arrange for an escort.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures PDF

Tornado & Storm Procedure

Tornado & Storm Procedure

These are proper and necessary emergency actions to be taken when a tornado warning has been issued by Hinds Emergency Operations and/or Millsaps Campus Safety. You will hear the emergency sirens and receive the warning verbally from campus safety officers and/or resident staff. Move to the designated area listed for your dorm/building and remain there until you receive official notice that the warning has been lifted.

A Tornado Warning Signal Means:

A tornado has been sighted. Go at once to the designated area listed for your dorm/building. If you see or hear the tornado coming, do not wait for the warning signal — go to your shelter area if there is time. If you cannot get to the designated shelter area, curl up on the floor and protect yourself. Lie face down, draw your knees up under you and cover the back of your head with your hands. Use a NOAA weather radio located in various locations on campus.

Tornado Danger Signs:

  • Severe thunderstorms: Thunder, lightning, heavy rains and strong winds
  • Hail: Pellets of ice from dark-clouded skies
  • Roaring noise: Like a hundred railroad locomotives; a crashing thunderous sound
  • Funnel: Dark, spinning “rope” or column from the sky to the ground

Campus Tornado & Storm Shelters

Residence Hall Tornado and Storm Shelters

BACOT — First floor corridors (NOT lounges)


EZELLE — First floor corridors, room doors closed (NOT basement)

FRATERNITY HOUSES — Follow plan for your house. Get into closets or other small spaces and then cover with a heavy blanket.

GOODMAN —– Because of wood frame construction, residents are advised (time permitting) to move to Charles Hall basement. If not enough time, get into an inner closet and cover with a heavy blanket.

JOHN HALL — Basement

NEW SOUTH — Corridors of first-floor, room doors closed (stay out of Atrium areas)

SANDERSON — Corridors of first-floor hallway, room doors closed


Academic Building Tornado and Storm Shelters

Academic Complex Recital Hall (ACRH), A.C. 215, inside stairwell, lower level

CHRISTIAN CENTER — North corridor (room doors shut)

COLLEGE CENTER — First-floor mailbox-area corridors (stay away from Kava House windows, main bookstore windows and south-side glass door)

LIBRARY — Basement corridors (away from front stairwell or side door)

MURRAH HALL ANNEX — First-floor corridors (room doors closed)

MURRAH HALL — Basement corridors and labs (stay away from stairwells)

OLIN — Basement and first-floor central corridor (not atrium)

HAC (Gym) — Basement locker rooms

SULLIVAN HARRELL — Basement corridor (room doors closed)

WHITWORTH/SANDERS — First-floor corridors (away from front glass doors)

Traffic & Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registration and Zoned Parking System

With the exception of short-term guests and visitors, all vehicles parked or driven on campus by students, faculty or staff must be properly registered with the college and identified by the current numbered decal provided.

• Students must register their vehicles at the beginning of each fall semester, or the earliest date thereafter if a vehicle is brought to campus later during the semester.

• Only one current decal may be displayed on a vehicle. Decals must be completely affixed to the lower-left hand corner of the front windshield, on the driver’s side, and be displayed in an upright and externally readable manner. (Citations can be issued for improper display.)

Zoned Parking System Rules

Millsaps is designed as a pedestrian campus

• Enforced parking zone hours are from 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

• During zone hours, south residents are to park in lots south of the Christian Center.

• During zone hours, north residents are to park in lots north of Bacot, Sanderson and Franklin.

• The HAC lot is open to visitors, faculty, staff, commuter students and drop-offs only during zone hours.

• The circular drive (Whitworth Circle) from State Street is reserved at all times for visitors and staff.

• During zone hours the Academic Complex lots and lots north of the Christian Center are reserved for faculty, staff and commuters.

• Millsaps Campus Safety officers have the option of issuing citations, installing a wheel lock or instituting a tow-away of offending out-of-zone vehicles.

General Parking Policies

Parking is not allowed in reserved areas that are specifically marked as such.

  • Parking is not allowed on lawns, sidewalks nor in areas where curbs or other street surfaces are painted red, white or yellow.
  • Vehicles may not block traffic.
  • The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Unsafe driving is prohibited.
  • Drivers are responsible to the college for damage to college property.
  • Campus driving privileges may be revoked for cause by the director of campus safety in consultation with the dean of students.
  • Owners of motor vehicles driven or parked on the Millsaps campus must maintain liability insurance for the vehicle. Should any uninsured vehicle be involved in an on-campus accident, the student who owns, leases or is otherwise responsible for the presence of such an uninsured vehicle on campus shall forfeit campus driving privileges for the remainder of the academic year. The uninsured vehicle must be immediately removed from campus. The student must then apply to the director of campus safety for permission to have a vehicle on campus the following year.
  • Parking is available at no cost to students, faculty and staff who have a parking decal affixed to their cars.
  • Those parking on the Millsaps campus park at their own risk. Millsaps is not responsible for any damage to personal vehicles including, but not limited to, weather damage, accidents, damage or theft.

Parking Ticket Appeals

Students may, with legitimate reason, appeal only one citation per semester. Requests for appeal must be submitted within 2 weeks (14 days) of the citation issue date online at the Campus Safety webpage. The appellate will be contacted by the Office of Campus Safety, and a hearing date set. Right of appeal is forfeited after 14 days.

Reimbursement of successfully appealed parking citations will be credited to the student’s account by the Business Office.

Citations are issued in numbered sequence. The traffic officers that issue citations have no appeal or revocation authority and therefore are not proper sources for verbal appeals.

Traffic Citation Appeal Form

The traffic citation appeal form can be found here

Firearms, Weapons and Explosives Policy

Students may not possess firearms, fireworks or any materials that may be hazardous to the health or safety of other occupants in the building. If a student is found in possession of any aforementioned items, they will be confiscated. This regulation applies campuswide both inside and outside of buildings. Students may make arrangements with the Campus Safety staff for storage space of firearms.

Federal Crime Report Information

Consistent with Millsaps’ mission as a quality institution of higher education, and with the college’s commitment to a safe learning and work environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, this information is presented as a service, and in compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act (Federal Register 34 CFR 668, Nov. 1, 1999).

The Department of Campus Safety is the agency that is given responsibility for the following:

  • Maintaining a secure campus environment through the prevention of crime
  • Immediate and professional response to all manner of on-campus emergencies
  • The gathering of reports and data related to criminal activity and noncriminal violations of campus rules and regulations
  • The creation and maintenance of the computerized database of on-campus incidents
  • Investigation services
  • Parking control
  • Disaster response and coordination

Find crime statistics for the previous three years for Millsaps or other higher education institutions at DOE Crime Statistics.