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A Message from Interim President Keith Dunn

Headshot of Keith Dunn, Interim President of Millsaps College 2023

Welcome to Millsaps College! I hope you find our website helpful and engaging, and I encourage you to contact our Admissions team with any questions you may have about visiting (and hopefully attending) Millsaps.

The purpose of providing an education—and not just a degree—is to prepare you for the changes invariably ahead during your working careers and your lives. This is part of our mission at Millsaps College. We want to help you build skills in creativity, versatility, adaptability, responsibility, and sustainability. We work to give you the confidence to think beyond the immediate task at hand, to look for opportunities to build, improve, and innovate.

The value of a Millsaps education begins in the classroom, but continues far beyond.

Whatever career path you eventually pursue, the Compass Curriculum at Millsaps College builds a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that will serve you well throughout your life. The most successful careers, particularly the ones that are quickly becoming vital to the 21st century economy, are built upon abilities and values that include the willingness to question the status quo, to think critically, to communicate clearly, and to seek connections between diverse ideas, practices, and communities.

Our emphasis on finding connections and relationships between things not obviously related plays a particularly important role in your education. We will support your efforts to seek out and explore the common, but often overlooked, foundations between the liberal arts and disciplines such as business, science, math, and technology, and provide practical, hands-on opportunities through internships and research opportunities with experts in the field.

The value of a Millsaps education begins in the classroom, but continues far beyond. Millsaps students are engaged in learning on our campus, across the street in our city and region, and around the globe through our programs and partnerships abroad.

I hope to see you on campus soon!

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