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A minor in archeology will involve detailed studies of past civilizations, including how they ate, thought, built, and operated as a society. Nurture skills in cross-cultural awareness, critical thinking and analysis, teamwork and communication.
Why study Archeology at Millsaps?

In their own words

Bernard Booth, Class of 2024

"I’ve had three field seasons in Mexico and Peru. I’ve been taught to excavate and interpret sites, something that’s normally a graduate student experience. This program has given me opportunities that are hard to find at the undergraduate level in any program.”

Riley Reech, Class of 2024

"Studying Archeology within the SOAN department has allowed me to learn so much about the world around me both in the past and present. Learning the theory of the discipline and being able to put it in practice through my study abroad in Peru allowed me to be sure and confident about my career path. So many Millsaps Archeology courses made me excited about learning about countless cultures and understanding the past through objects."

Featured Courses

Here is a sampling of a few courses that might pique your interest.

GEOL 2200 Process Geomorphology (w/ lab)
Study the processes that shape the Earth’s surface. Examine the landforms and their origin, evolution and form from both a descriptive and quantitative approach.
SOAN 3400 Archeology of Native Americana
Examine the archeology and history of the North American Indians, with a special focus on contemporary issues. Explore through the analysis of artifacts, historical documents, myth, literature and poetry.

Degree Options

Discover your degrees, minors, concentrations and certification options available for this field of study.

Minor in Archeology
An archeology minor is interdisciplinary and gives students the opportunity to learn the approaches of contemporary archaeology. You’ll be prepared for advanced training and/or careers in a variety of fields that make use of archaeological data and methods.
Self-Designed Major
Design a major to best fit your personality, career goals and specific educational needs. The self-designed major is a customized major that you design, working closely with appropriate faculty. Create your own archeology major.


Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills essential to any career (and therefore any Pathway), as well as scientific writing and experimentation skills that may be especially critical to students interested in any of our six Pathways tracks.

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