Millsaps Approves New Majors and Master’s Programs

Joey Lee

April 5, 2024

"Keeping with our vision to produce informed, creative-thinking and versatile people who are career-ready, Millsaps College recently expanded its curriculum by approving six new majors for undergraduates and two new master’s degree programs."

In alignment with our vision to produce informed, creative-thinking and versatile citizens who are career-ready, Millsaps College recently expanded its curriculum by approving six new majors for undergraduates and two new master’s degree programs.

The new majors are designed to help students meet the demands of careers in new and emerging technologies today and into the future. They include:

  • User Experience Design,
  • Health and Exercise Science,
  • Public Health,
  • Computer Science,
  • Data Science and
  • Business Analytics.

Master of Accountancy with Analytics and Master of Business Administration with Analytics are the two new graduate programs.

“Millsaps empowers our students to live lives of meaning, purpose and professional success. We provide them with the skills and knowledge essential for thriving in a dynamic world, and we’re dedicated to providing an education that equips them with the tools to excel in the professional landscape of the future,” said Keith Dunn, Millsaps College interim president. “We’re delighted to announce these additions to our curriculum that reflect our commitment to addressing the quickly evolving needs of business and industry and to meeting the workforce needs of our state and region.”

In making these additions to its curriculum, Millsaps solidifies its commitment to preparing students for success in an ever-changing global landscape. With an eye toward the future, these new majors and graduate programs not only align with the demands of modern business but also empower students to become leaders and innovators in their fields.

Millsaps remains steadfast in its dedication to providing an education that fosters critical thinking, adaptability and professional excellence. Through these initiatives, the college continues to uphold its mission of shaping well-rounded individuals fully prepared to make meaningful contributions to society.

Major Details

User Experience Design – UX Design teaches skills to enhance interactions between users and digital products and services, aiming to optimize user experiences for a broad spectrum of user abilities. This major integrates graphic design with empathy for user needs and business objectives, preparing students to create successful interfaces by blending graphic design, business and psychological concepts with communication skills. There was a UX designer responsible for every mobile takeout order, grocery delivery or patient healthcare portal experience you’ve had, just to mention a few.

Health and Exercise Science – HESC equips students with the knowledge to enhance human health and athletic performance, applicable in healthcare, athletic or corporate settings. Whether pursuing personal interests in health and fitness, working with patients or athletes, or engaging in research or wellness programs, HESC offers a versatile pathway for various career interests aimed at improving human health and performance.

Public Health: Research Track, Policy and Management Track – Public Health prepares students for diverse career paths such as healthcare administrator, health educator or environmental specialist. It provides a foundation for graduate programs in public health, population health or epidemiology. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive course of study for pre-medical students or those interested in healthcare policy, with options to tailor studies toward research, policy or management tracks.

Computer Science – Computer Science offers concentrations in data and development, blending theoretical principles with practical applications to develop expertise in programming, algorithms and software engineering. Students graduate with a robust coding portfolio and a capstone project tailored to the specialized skills of their chosen concentration.

Data Science – This major integrates computer science, mathematics and statistics to equip students with skills in data management, analysis and visualization using tools like Python, JAVA, C, structured query language, R and Tableau. With a focus on both theory and practical experience, graduates are prepared to tackle complex data challenges across various industries.

 Data Analytics – Students who major in data analytics will be empowered to leverage the vast amounts of data corporations are gathering today for problem-solving. Data analytics expertise prepares students to be leaders who can solve big problems using big data. Students will hone their skills in data analysis and communication to extract actionable insights for businesses. Through meaningful data analyses and strategic presentations, graduates become leaders capable of unlocking the potential of organizational data.