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Accounts Payable Office

Call the Accounts Payable office, Regina Italiano, ext. 1107, if you have any questions.

General Information

Check requests should be submitted well in advance of the date your check is needed, two weeks in advance if possible, and no later than seven days in advance.

For example: If a request is turned in by Friday, April 3rd, the check will normally be ready the following Friday, April 10th, after 3:00 p.m.

Checks may be picked up from the Accounts Payable office upon request. Any checks not picked up will be sent to the Campus Post Office on Monday morning.

All requests must have the original, proper approval signatures and account number before the check will be processed for payment

An original invoice is required for payment. Do not destroy or file them away, but forward them to the Accounts Payable Department. To avoid duplicate payments or delays, do not send a delivery ticket, packing slip, statement, fax or copy of an invoice with payment request.

Contact the Accounts Payable office for assistance in setting up a new account with a vendor.

Charge cards are available from the Accounts Payable Department for the following businesses: Bravo!, Broad Street, Kroger, Office Depot, and Sal & Mookie’s. Cards can be checked out for a 24 hour period.

Millsaps is tax exempt. Upon request, Accounts Payable will send you a tax status form you may give to the vendor.

Vendors should be instructed to send invoices to Accounts Payable. Should Accounts Payable receive an invoice which should have a Purchase Order, Accounts Payable will contact the Department for instructions.

Voided Purchase Orders should be marked “VOID” and all copies returned to Accounts Payable.

Department heads will need to keep a copy of all Purchase Orders signed or invoices approved for payment for their files. This will enable the budget manager to reconcile against Major Portal on a regular basis.

For a complete explanation of fiscal management and planning, please refer to the Schedule of Authorizations.

Travel Advances and Reimbursements

Travel advances should be turned in two weeks prior to the date the check is needed. This will assure you receive your check prior to your trip. Travel advances should be requested using the Advance Request Form with proper approval signatures. The original should be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Department. Please use the Travel Expenditure Form to clear advances and to receive travel reimbursements. Submit all forms in original format for payment processing.

Read the Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy.

Non-Employee Expenditures

The Non-Employee Expenditure forms are available in the Accounts Payable office and online. These are to pay expenditures for travel, food, and lodging to non-Millsaps employees. See Accounts Payable for further explanation.

Advances and Reimbursements under $20

You may obtain cash Advances and cash Reimbursements from the cashiers in the Business Office for amounts not exceeding $20.00. Cash advances may be requested with the new Cash Advance Request Form. Cash Advances must be cleared with the proper paperwork and returned to the Business Office within 15 days of receipt. Advances may be cleared using the Travel Expenditure Form. All receipts must accompany the form along with the proper approval signatures. Employees shall not make multiple advance requests to avoid adhering to the $20.00 limit.

Honorariums and Fees

Check requests for Honorariums and Fees should be sent no later than two weeks in advance. Along with the original Accounts Payable Voucher form should be a copy of the contract and the completed, original W9 form. (We have a large supply of these forms and will be glad to send them to you upon request, or you may find them on our web site.) This form is for Honorariums and Fees performed by an individual or a Sole Proprietor (DBA). Call if you have questions about this matter. The W9 form is required by the Internal Revenue Service for 1099 reporting purposes.

Purchasing Charge Card Policy

Please refer to the Purchasing Card Policies and Regulations for further information. Forms related to Purchasing charge cards may be downoaded using the following links:

Credit Card Report Form
Missing Receipt Form
Cancellation Request Form
Cardholder Application

Purchases of $1,000 or More

  1. When preparing to make a purchase of $1,000.00 or more, the individual should follow departmental guidelines prior to placing the order.
  2. The purchasing agent will create a four part Purchase Order online to present to the Department Head for pre-approval. All four parts must be signed.
  3. Each department must follow departmental guidelines for approval of the Purchase Order. It is the responsibility of the Department Head to assure that funds are available for purchases. If the purchase exceeds available funds, the approving Vice President will be consulted.
  4. The department should forward the original, approved Purchase Order forms to Accounts Payable for processing as follows:
    • Original – (copy 1) Send to Vendor (unless instructions state otherwise)
    • Accts. Pay. – (copy 2) Accounts Payable will keep
  1. The department should retain the following copies:
    • Department – (copy 3) departmental copy to keep on file
    • Receiving – (copy 4) will be sent to Accounts Payable upon receipt of merchandise
  1. Upon receipt of the original invoice, Accounts Payable will forward a copy of the invoice to the department for your records.
  2. Upon receipt of merchandise, the receiving portion (copy 4) of the Purchase Order should be forwarded to Accounts Payable.
  3. Upon receipt of copy 4 of the Purchase Order, Accounts Payable will process the original invoice for payment in a timely manner.
  4. Travel expenses do not require Purchase Orders, but are governed by the Travel Expense/Reimbursement Policy. Other expenditures not requiring Purchase Orders include, but are not limited to utilities, insurance, and subscriptions. Please refer to the exception list.
  5. Departments shall not request “split” invoice to avoid the procedures for purchases of $1,000.00 or more.

Purchases of Less than $1000

1. No Purchase Order is required for equipment, supplies, and commercial services less than $1,000.00.

2. Original invoices received must be turned in to the Department Head, who will assign an account number, sign for approval, and forward to Accounts Payable for payment.

3. When requesting payments that do not bear an original invoice, an Accounts Payable Voucher must be completed. Items requiring an Accounts Payable Voucher would include for example: Subscriptions, Memberships, Renewals, Registration Fees, Airline Tickets, Travel Advances, Utilities, Prepayments to Restaurants, etc. Contact Accounts Payable for complete instructions. Department Head must approve the original Accounts Payable Voucher prior to submitting to Accounts Payable for payment.

4. If the Vendor requires a purchase order number on purchases less than $1,000.00, the Department may utilize an official Purchase Order form. The department should retain all copies of the Purchase Order form until receipt of the original invoice. Upon receipt of the original invoice, only the original (copy 4) of the PO form should be sent to Accounts Payable for payment processing.

5. Vendors should be directed to send invoices to:

Millsaps College
Attn: Regina Italiano
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 150433
Jackson, MS 39210

Transfer Authorizations

When you incur an error on your budget reports, you should complete this Transfer Authorization form and submit to Mandi Calvert in the Business Office. Upon verification, changes received in the Business Office by the 25th of the month should be reflected on Major Portal. You should also use this form for all interdepartmental transfers.

Emergency Purchases

Occasionally action must be taken to protect College property or to meet an immediate and institutionally important need that was not anticipated. In these cases, which should be rare, there may not be time to acquire all approvals necessary and issue a Purchase Order form. In these cases, the necessary documentation may be completed after the purchase is made. In all cases, this procedure shall be followed only in the event of true emergencies. Failure to plan ahead will not be considered an emergency.

Accounts Payable FAQs

When are checks processed?

Checks are issued every Friday.

How long does it take for a check to be issued?

Typically, if a check request is submitted by Friday, it is issued the following Friday. However, during peak seasons the processing time may take up to two weeks. Please allow ample time for auditing and processing.

What if I want to pick up my check?

If you would like to pick up your check, please note the check request legibly in the top right corner. Accounts Payable will notify you when the check is ready to be picked up.

What is the current mileage rate?

The 2018 standard mileage rate is 54.5 cents per mile for business miles driven.

What form do I use?

The Accounts Payable Voucher form may be used to request:

    • Dues and Membership fees
    • Subscriptions and books
    • Conference and Seminar registration fees
    • Honorariums
    • Payments to vendors for goods and services
    • Reimbursements for non-travel related items

The Travel Expenditure Form may be used to:

    • Request reimbursement to an employee following business travel
    • Clear an advance to an employee following business travel

The Non-Employee Travel Expenditure Form may be used to request:

  • Reimbursement to a non-employee for travel expenses incurred while doing business with/for the College

The Advance Request Form may be used to request:

  • Funds in advance of a business purchase or business travel

The Cash Advance Request Form may be used to request:

  • $20.00 and below prior to making a business purchase or business travel. The cash may be obtained in the Business Office.


Budget Contacts

For general ledger & budget report:
Mandi Calvert
Staff Accountant


For faculty, staff and student employment budgets:
Melinda Barrow
Human Resources Director


For accounts payable:
Regina Italiano
Director of Accounts Payable


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