Music Department

Make music at Millsaps.

Millsaps College offers rigorous musical training programs within a broad liberal arts experience. We provide instruction to students of all ability levels through private lessons, ensemble performance, diverse course topics and professional development opportunities. Our faculty encourage student musicians to not only learn how to master their craft, but also continually ask the question “Why?” — coupling practical knowledge and skill with curiosity and critical investigation. In keeping with the Millsaps vision and mission statements, the music faculty encourages students to participate in community engagement and outreach, and to explore ways to bring their work to the public.

Study Abroad

The Music program, part of the Performing Arts Department, is closely aligned with the college’s award-winning study-abroad program and offers international study opportunities, to London, Prague and Vienna and Taiwan. Millsaps’ location in the capital city, midway between the Mississippi Delta and the city of New Orleans, provides ample opportunities to connect with the roots of American music. Our international reach, combined with the strong ties to our local community, situate us at a cultural crossroads, where ideas and creative work intersect.