Conference Services

The Office of Conferences Services books all reservable spaces on campus and provides audio and visual support for any function involving the Millsaps College community.

Millsaps College accommodates small or large groups requiring meeting space, catering or overnight accommodations. Bookings may be as short as an hour or an extended stay. Any need for audiovisual support can be skillfully planned and executed by the Events Support branch of the Conference Office.

Reservation of Facilities

Reservations for any and all Millsaps College facilities are handled through the Office of Conferences Services.

Students, faculty, staff and outside organizations are all welcome to take advantage of our facilities and professional staff. Most on-campus room bookings for college-sponsored events carry very little charge, if any. A facilities charge, however, is in effect for non-Millsaps-sponsored events.

Booking Procedures

Before calling, determine what type of function you have in mind, the number of people you expect, and what services you would be interested in using (e.g., catering, audiovisual support, etc.) Call Conference Services at 601-974-1040 during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Planning ahead will ensure a successful event. Online space reservations may be made by visiting our event management website.

Please note that catering and tablecloths are not handled through the Office of Conference Services.

Please note, your space is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from Conference Services, sign a rental contract and submit your deposit.

* For social events requiring a guest list or security, please fill out this form.


Events Support is an integral part of the Office of Conferences Services. These services will be priced out according to your needs.

In order for the staff to adequately support your event, requests for equipment and/or services need to be made at least 7 days prior to your event. Requests made after that date will be granted based on availability of staff and/or equipment.


Dining Services can provide a full array of catering services for your event. Catering requests for smaller events (coffee breaks, refreshments, etc.) require a five-day minimum notice and major events (banquets, dinners, picnics, etc.) require a 10-day minimum notice.


Some events will require a site coordinator to ensure all runs smoothly. Once you have communicated the nature of your event, a site coordinator may be added. Site coordinator fees are in addition to any space reservation fees.


Millsaps has many spaces to accommodate your needs. Our locations can host small meetings, larger conferences, overnight camps, and even wedding and receptions. For specific details about spaces and options, please contact Conference Services. In addition to indoor spaces, we also have outdoor locations and athletic facilities that may be available depending on athletic schedules.

Weddings & Receptions

We are excited that you are considering Yates Chapel as your wedding/commitment ceremony venue. Built as part of the renovation of the Selby & Richard McRae Christian Center, Yates Chapel is the spiritual and reflective space for faith traditions at Millsaps College.

Millsaps College has a specific mission as an institution, a mission defined as follows: “Millsaps College is dedicated to academic excellence, open inquiry and free expression, the exploration of faith to inform vocation, and the innovative shaping of the social, economic and cultural progress of our region.” With this as our mission, we stand ready to support your special day.


Campus facilities are heavily used during the academic year. It is recommended that you reserve space well in advance. Groups affiliated with the college should reserve space at least two weeks in advance of the function (e.g., meetings, etc.). Planning for larger events should begin well in advance of the event (e.g., one or two months prior).

Use of college facilities is a privilege contingent upon adherence to all college policies and regulations. Violation of these policies may result in cancellation of an event or refusal for future reservations.
Information regarding a setup and audiovisual requests must be made at least one week (7 days) prior to the date of the event. Setups are normally available to college groups without charge; however, requests for unusual setups or for equipment that is not available at the college could result in a service charge.

Setups are required 7 days in advance because Facilities and Dining Services must schedule employees that far in advance to accommodate all setups on campus, and Events Support must schedule staff and equipment that far in advance to accommodate all setups on campus. We have limited staff and equipment in Events Support.

A facilities fee will be charged for any use of college space for non-Millsaps-sponsored events. Nonprofit organizations (with proper documentation), Millsaps employees and alumni will receive a discount on the facilities fees.

In order for the discount to be given to employees or alumni, payment for facilities must be made directly from the employee or the alumni (i.e., it cannot be reserved by an employee and the bill paid by someone else).

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