Students Land Programs Paving Way to Med School

Joey Lee

May 29, 2024

"Elizabeth Hawkins, Akshar Brahmbhatt and Elyssia Jones have secured coveted spots in programs that pave a direct route to medical school."

Millsaps is known for nurturing academic excellence and fostering a supportive environment where students thrive. Recently, this culture has been manifested in a remarkable achievement as three students were accepted into prestigious programs at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, laying the foundation for their future success in the medical field.

Elizabeth Hawkins, Akshar Brahmbhatt and Elyssia Jones, representing minority groups, have secured coveted spots in programs that pave a direct route to medical school.

Elizabeth, a sophomore, has been accepted into both the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program and the Promise Program, while Akshar, also a sophomore, joins her in the Promise program. Elyssia, a junior, has been admitted to the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship program.

“We’re extremely proud of Elizabeth, Elyssia and Akshar for their hard work and acceptance into these programs,” said Lee Maggio, director of pre-health at Millsaps. “We know that as they progress through medical school they will become dedicated, compassionate medical professionals taking care of Mississippians from all walks of life, especially in our underserved communities.”

Elizabeth Hawkins

“My family has always been one of my biggest motivations for becoming a physician. However, seeing that there are no physicians in my family, I knew I would need to find and build a network of support to accomplish this task. I was in my sophomore year of high school when I attended the Summer Enrichment Insight Program at UMMC and when I first learned about MSRPSP and Promise,” said Hawkins. “From that moment on, I determined to become someone worthy of participating in these programs and of going on to serve as a physician in Mississippi. I cannot express enough gratitude and gratefulness to God and my family to have led me to be this close to accomplishing my dream and becoming one of the first doctors in my family.”

Akshar Brahmbhatt

“Being accepted into the rural physician’s program means everything to me,” said Jones. “I appreciate God and UMMC for giving me the opportunity to grant the dream of third grade Elyssia of being a doctor. Not only am I accomplishing my dreams but I also get to give back to my rural community, Greenville, Mississippi, to be the best that it can be with the resources UMMC has helped me obtain.”

“Being accepted into the PROMISE program at UMMC is an incredible honor, marking the next step toward my goal of becoming a physician,” said Brahmbhatt. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to apply the knowledge I’ve gained at Millsaps to shape my future career in medicine.”

Elyssia Jones

The Mississippi Rural Physicians/Dentists Scholarship program aims to address the shortage of physicians in rural areas by providing comprehensive support to aspiring medical professionals. This scholarship covers nearly all expenses associated with medical school. Additionally, it offers invaluable mentorship opportunities to guide students through every stage of their medical journey.

The Promise program is tailored to empower underrepresented groups in medicine, giving them the tools and resources necessary to navigate the rigorous admissions process. The Promise program provides Elizabeth and Akshar with specialized workshops and MCAT preparation to further enhance their skills and confidence.

This year’s unprecedented success is a testament to Millsaps’ dedication to student success. By investing in programs that empower aspiring medical professionals, Millsaps continues to uphold its legacy of preparing students not only for successful careers but to make impactful contributions to their communities and beyond.