Mathematics Department

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A degree in mathematics will provide a foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking and learning. Whether you are interested in mathematics for its own sake or applications of mathematics in a particular subject, the Millsaps College Department of Mathematics provides opportunities to develop quantitative reasoning, problem solving and other skills. The department supports two majors: mathematics and applied mathematics. Many mathematics majors pursue graduate school, while others find careers in industry or government.

A major in applied mathematics will provide a thorough grounding in mathematical methods that underlie the physical, engineering and biological sciences. Employers seek mathematics majors regardless of the particular work involved because of their ability to solve problems. Banks and investment firms, insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and publishing firms are some of the employment opportunities available to math majors.

Students who major in mathematics frequently go on to graduate school in mathematics, statistics, medicine, engineering, actuarial science, business and law.

The department is committed to providing a program of instruction that will achieve goals in four areas: quantitative literacy of our graduates, service to other departments, service to the major and your own personal development.

Research & Internships

Kinnaird Program — The Kinnaird Institute Research Experience is a unique summer undergraduate math research experience conducted on campus at Millsaps. The program is internally funded by the Kinnaird Endowment. Each year, a group of Millsaps college undergraduate students are selected to participate on a competitive basis. The summer’s program is centered around a core topic of active mathematical research, from which multiple group and individual projects organically splinter. We work full days Monday-Thursday, as well as morning sessions on Friday. Morning sessions are focused on mini-lectures, problem sessions, progress reports and group brainstorming, while afternoon sessions are focused on independent work.

Since the program began in 2019, all participants have appeared as a co-author on at least one article. Six papers have been published in strong peer-reviewed journals and three have appeared in Involve, the leading math journal for student-faculty collaboration. Four papers have already been cited in other published research.

In addition to publication, participants have made 11 conference presentations. Participants are provided with on-campus housing, a stipend, opportunities and funding to travel to conferences and present their research, and more.


Numerous research opportunities and study-abroad programs led by Millsaps professors offer opportunities to travel to Mexico, China, Tanzania and other countries.