Psychology & Neuroscience Department

Discover the world by exploring the mind.

Psychology is a behavioral science that focuses on understanding developmental, cognitive, social and mental health issues that are a natural part of the human experience. Through the appreciation of human diversity and embracing the proper application of the scientific method, you will hone your critical thinking skills to explore concepts both within and beyond the domains of psychology. From childhood through old age, normal to abnormal development, and even looking at the connections between the brain and human behavior, psychology helps us to further our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us.

Neuro- and cognitive science is an interdisciplinary major that incorporates psychology, biology, philosophy and potentially several other fields. Neuro- and cognitive science focuses on the structure and function of the central nervous system. Much of our curriculum is devoted to understanding the development of the brain, the activity of neurons and glia, and how our central nervous system controls so many of our behaviors and cognitions. From physiological research into neurotransmitter activity, to psychological research into language acquisition and memory, to philosophical research into the nature of consciousness and matter, questions regarding the brain are countless and pose one of the most exciting areas of academic research.

Research & Internships

When you major in psychology or neuro- and cognitive science, you will have opportunities for research and internships with colleagues at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, professional facilities in the greater Jackson area, as well as within the department of psychology and neuroscience.