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Psychology is a behavioral science that focuses on understanding developmental, cognitive, social and mental health issues that are a natural part of the human experience. Through the appreciation of human diversity and embracing the proper application of the scientific method, you will hone your critical thinking skills to explore concepts both within and beyond the domains of psychology.
Why study Psychology at Millsaps?

In their own words

Chelsea Bould, Class of 2025

“The Psychology Department is unique because we learn the real-life applications of every concept that we study. All the professors are well-versed and prepare us to apply our knowledge to the real world. When we write a paper, our professors ensure that we are writing on the level that would be expected in postgraduate studies.”

Nicole Balduccini, Class of 2025

“The psychology program has even given me the opportunity to participate in and design my own undergraduate research in a research lab, as well as present it at a psychology conference, which is very rare as an undergraduate student. It has set me up for a successful future post-grad.”

Kennedy Williams, Class of 2025

“The Millsaps psychology program offered me the opportunity to pursue a passion I never knew I had. The professors work to expand our minds beyond common knowledge. Classes within our psychology program can teach you soft skills that can prove to be very valuable in all future endeavors!”

Featured Courses

Here is a sampling of a few courses that might pique your interest.

PSYC 2200 Sports Psychology
Examine the influence of psychology factors on performance in sports. Topics include athlete personality, motivation, attention, anxiety, arousal issues, cognitive and behavioral intervention, and leadership.
PSYC 3320 Disability Psychology
Explore a variety of disabilities and investigate specific disabilities in depth (e.g., autism). Symptoms, interventions, risk factors, morality, issues of stigma, ableism and disabilities as a cultural group will be discussed.

Degree Options

Discover your degrees, minors, concentrations and certification options available for this field of study.

Psychology, B.S.
A bachelor of science in psychology includes additional science and math courses in place of electives. The B.S. in psychology focuses on statistics, research methods and data analysis, making it a good choice for pursuing academic or research-related careers.
Psychology, B.A.
A bachelor of arts provides an expansive education with a broad selection of courses that allows students to customize their education. This opens students to a range of opportunities beyond psychology.

Minor in Psychology

25% Growth in Demand for Psychology Majors

Projected growth in demand for substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselors between 2019 and 2029.*

93% of Psychologists Report Strong Job Satisfaction

Around 93% of psychologists in the field report feeling satisfied with their careers.*

Highly-Transferable Skills

A solid understanding of human behavior is a very marketable skill in many jobs, including social services, marketing, education, health care and politics.
*United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

Our distinctive strengths

From childhood through old age, normal to abnormal development, and even looking at the connections between the brain and human behavior, psychology helps us to further our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us.
  • Select your research, not having to piggy-back on other research that is already in process/in development
  • Research projects that are student driven
  • Customize coursework to your individual interests and that will best prepare you for the future
  • Emphasis on critical thinking, communication and presentation skills

Gain hands-on experience

When you major in psychology or neuro- and cognitive science, you will have opportunities for research and internships with colleagues at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, professional facilities in the greater Jackson area, as well as within the department of psychology and neuroscience.


Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills essential to any career (and therefore any Pathway), as well as scientific writing and experimentation skills that may be especially critical to students interested in any of our six Pathways tracks.

Study Abroad

Summer- and winter-term field courses are offered on a regular basis. Recent courses offered include Psychology of Fear and Terrorism (in Europe) and Cross-Cultural Psychology (in Yucatan).

More About the Degree

Recent Career Placements

  • Canopy Children’s Solutions
  • U.S. Military
  • Private Practice
  • Morris & McDaniel Inc.
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Kingman Regional Medical Center
  • Candela Medical
  • Stanley British Primary School

Postgraduate Study

  • Drexel University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Millsaps College (Else School of Management)
  • Mississippi College
  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • University of Tennessee
  • Vanderbilt
  • Xavier University

Careers of Recent Graduates

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Applied Behavior Analyst
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Lawyer
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Research Scientist
  • College Professor
  • Business Professional
  • Medical Equipment Sales
  • Teacher

Related Areas of Study

  • Business Administration
  • Government and Politics
  • Health & Exercise Science
  • Neuro- and Cognitive Studies
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Pre-Health

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