Sociology & Anthropology Department

Warning: Your hands will get dirty.

The sociology-anthropology major is suited for you if you are interested in explaining and understanding how society is organized, the origins and development of social institutions, social change, social organizations, race, class, gender, and culture. Courses incorporate topics such as politics, economics, gender, religion, health, language and the environment.

If you minor in anthropology, you will study human beings and their ancestors, with classes incorporating the natural sciences, the humanities and the social sciences. Anthropology encompasses many interests, and you may select courses such as Religion, Society, and Culture; Urban Life; Non-Western Societies; and Social and Cultural Theory.

A minor in archaeology will involve detailed studies of past civilizations, including how they ate, thought, built and operated as a society. Both minors nurture skills in cross-cultural awareness, critical thinking and analysis, teamwork, and communication.

If you minor in sociology, you will study human behavior in a variety of situations and under varying circumstances. You will examine the breadth of human lives, including topics such as politics, economics, gender and religion, in an attempt to make sense out of human history and human endeavors.


Numerous research opportunities and study-abroad programs led by Millsaps professors offer opportunities to travel to Mexico, China, Tanzania and other countries.