Philosophy & Religious Studies

Explore the ways of thinking.

By combining religious studies and philosophy, we get to explore the deepest currents of cultures and the deepest thoughts of humans; in other words, welcome to understanding the ways of thinking that create and control our world! In these courses you will explore the meaning of texts and ideas from around the world, and you will become adept at analyzing and arguing in ways that will serve you well in any field you choose, such as law or as an institutional leader.

Featured Courses

Here is a sampling of a few courses that might pique your interest.

RLST 3110 Christian Thought
Students in this course will learn about the variety of intellectual traditions within Christianity, including Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.
RLST 2010 Ethics and Religion
A study of moral reasoning about personal and social issues in various religious, philosophical and cultural contexts. This is an arguments course.

Degree Options

Discover your degrees, minors, concentrations and certification options available for this field of study.

One of the top majors for clergy

Philosophy and religious studies is one of the top three majors for clergy in the U.S.

Legal Career Path Options

Many philosophy & religious studies majors choose a career path as a lawyer or judge.


Philosophy majors do very well on graduate entrance exams such as the GRE, GMAT and LSAT

Our distinctive strengths

Employers look for strong abilities to reason, innovate and communicate, at all of which philosophy majors excel. Did you know that by mid-career, philosophy majors are the fourth highest earning group, following economics, engineering and mathematics majors. In a world of conflict where intercultural understanding is of ever-growing importance, religious studies offers profound encounters with other people’s ways of imagining, thinking and living.
  • Strong connections with the University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Opportunities for self-designed research projects
  • International in scope in studying the world’s religions

Gain hands-on experience


Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills essential to any career (and therefore any Pathway), as well as scientific writing and experimentation skills that may be especially critical to students interested in any of our six Pathways tracks.

Study Abroad

All Millsaps students can take advantage of our study-aboard classes. Millsaps College is ranked as one of the best study-abroad programs in the country! Check out all the opportunities.

More About the Degree

Careers of Recent Graduates

  • Law
  • Health Care
  • Public Policy/Government Service
  • Business
  • Institutional Leader
  • Teaching

Related Areas of Study

  • Philosophy, Law and Society Minor (pre-law)
  • Medical Humanities (pre-med)
  • Neurophilosophy (philosophy and neuroscience dual major)
  • Religious Studies
  • Religious Studies and Sociology/Anthropology

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