History Department

Discover the roadmap to how we got here.

If you major or minor in history at Millsaps, you will learn alongside distinguished faculty who have achieved national recognition as teachers and scholars. Their specialties are diverse and include history of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States, giving students a wide variety of course selections. In addition to engaged learning in the classroom and in the Jackson community, faculty members either direct or are involved in study-abroad programs in England, Ghana and Vietnam.

History students understand that the really important historical questions — the “why” questions — have no single right answer, but that all interpretations must be judged on the basis of the evidence that is offered to support them. The history experience at Millsaps College values the variety of ways we search for those answers. Reading, writing and collaboration in the classroom is complemented by community partnerships, travel experiences and hands-on learning opportunities that put your skills into practice.

History majors are required to fulfill four hours of experiential learning credit through a variety of programs at the College. Experiences include research assistantships, internships (local and national), and travel-based courses. This requirement ensures that throughout their time in our department students are provided opportunities to consider the variety of ways that their major can connect them to employment, graduate education and career exploration.